Welcome to SHE SAFARIS-
your professional Woman Hunting Outfitter

At She Safaris we dedicate ourselves to make your African Safari a memory of a lifetime - the greatest adventure on earth. We continue to reach out to the female hunting community and celebrate passionate woman in the outdoors.

Successful trophy hunting in Africa requires the guidance of an expert professional guide with knowledge of African Game -  at She Safaris we do more than that,  you are guided by a female professional  guide and specialist who ensure that your needs are taken care of at all times.

Woman by nature want to be informed in order to accomplish their goal, we ensure that we fulfil that need. At She Safaris we guide and assist you in taking that perfect trophy shot, making it your most memorable experience - enjoying the hunt, learning from the experience and showing respect to the animals.

We offer hunters the opportunity to hunt more than 45 species of game in fair chase and cater for rifle and bow.

Besides Hunting our clients have the opportunity to explore the beauty and diversity of Africa with scenic tours and sightseeing excursions after their Safari, making it a most memorable trip to Africa. 

She Safaris understand woman - and exceed every client’s expectation!